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Name: Reagan fidelis
Location: Ibadan,nigeria
Occupation: Freelance Writer
Hobbies: Writting & Reading.
Date registered 12.29.2018
Date of birth: 8. December 1999
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Sex: male


A renown blogger,loves making money,writing,reading and nature...looking at bird and trees put me in the right mood.

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Thu Jan 03, 2019 9:47 am7 Jokes & Quotes To Brighten Up Your Day With.

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Wed Jan 02, 2019 12:28 pm | jump to post

Thank you.

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Sun Dec 30, 2018 8:16 pm - Angry girl speaks against God calls him 'silly sky master'. | Jump to Blog-Entry

Here is her post on nairaland:
There is no demon attached to
whacking off and nothing like anger
of one silly sky master. Your God
should be concern about saving his
children from suffering.
It has been studied that over 98%
men, teenage boys/girls and women
whack off
and no health risk
according medics except addiction, it
is even used in the medical. It has
been consider normal and natural.
Learn the definition of natural, what
is positive and negative, even
earthquake is natural!

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Sun Dec 30, 2018 8:03 pm - Shame:Nigerian babe asks caleb for sex on twitter. | Jump to Blog-Entry

Shameless: Nigerian lady asks B-Red for sex on twitter
An uninteresting drama ensued between Nigerian singer, B-Red and a certain lady on Twitter, as the lady in question beckoned on the singer to come and get a piece of her flesh. This was after B-Red pledged to give money to those who ask.
B-Red seemed to be in a good mood and deemed it needful to bless a couple of his fans with a little of his too much money. In a bid to do that, he took to his Twitter page to announce that he was going to give money to any of his fans who saw him and asked for money. While many thought of how to reach B-Red, this lady thought something else.
On Twitter, B-Red has posted, saying: ¡°Anybody that sees me today should just ask me for money and I will give you.¡± The lady set eyes on his post and did not consider any amount of money worth receiving from B-Red. But there was something she considered more valuable, and that is getting laid by the singer. So she blatantly asked him for sex.
In reply to B-Red¡¯s post, the lady wrote: ¡°I just want your Dick, Money can come afterward.¡± This has provoked many unlikely reactions and many can¡¯t wait to see how B-Red reacts to the offer. Thus far, he¡¯s been silent about it.

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Sun Dec 30, 2018 7:59 pm - Chioma davido's girlfriend declares chrismas,the worst day | Jump to Blog-Entry

Chioma declares Xmas day the “worst day” of her life over Davido’s affair with Ghanaian boo
Lately, things appear to not be going really well with Davido’s babe, Chioma, as the news of Davido’s rumored affair with Ghanaian OAP has done nothing but devastate her; no thanks to Kemi Olunloyo who made the revelation.
Lately, the controversial Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has made a lot of revelations about the Nigerian superstar, Davido, which are believed to have sent the singer’s girlfriend, Chioma into a state of devastation. From the start of Davido’s affair with Chioma, things have been so rosy. But right about now, the reverse seems to be the case.
However, the devastation does not extend to Davido, as he is not affected but is actually the source of Chioma’s devastation. From uncovering Davido’s secret marriage to his second babymama in the U.S, Kemi Olunloyo found a way to prove that Davido’s previously alleged first daughter is real. She even reported that Davido paid her a visit.
She further called Chioma a foolish figurehead who is good for nothing than to be used by Davido. All these have rendered Chioma somewhat depressed. On her Insta story, she wrote about Christmas day saying: “Worst Day.” Meanwhile, Davido is allegedly having the time of his life with his newly found Ghanaian love. Sorry for Chioma!!!

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Sun Dec 30, 2018 7:47 pm - Yemi alade finally apologised to tiwa savage;sarcastically. | Jump to Blog-Entry

Yemi Alade leaves a sarcastic apology for Tiwa Savage over calling her bum-bum “fake”
Nigerian songstress, Yemi Alade who last week trash-talked Tiwa Savage, has now apologized for her words. However, her apology is nothing short of sarcasm, as she further ridiculed the Mavins queen in the guise of an apology.
Recall that Yemi Alade had triggered a face-off after her tweet which accused her female colleagues in the industry of enhancing their butt outlook in photos? For some reason, Tiwa Savage believed she was referring to her in the tweet. Consequently, Tiwa got confrontational in a series of IG post to whom it may concern. Yemi saw herself in Tiwa’s posts.
The bum-bum war went far within a short frame of time. Yemi Alade then thought it wise to end the war. In order to end the online brawl, Yemi Alade took to her Twitter handle to apologize for her insensitive tweet. She said she was sorry if her last tweet offended anyone, male or female. Her apology, however, is spiced with a little sarcasm.
She wrote: “Guys, I am not here to defend myself. If my last tweet was offensive in any way to my fellow females and guys, I apologize. I am sincerely sorry. I just want us to appreciate ourselves more- whether we’re tin, tall, fat, short, with or without Nyash. WE ARE BEAUTIFUL.”

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Sun Dec 30, 2018 7:41 pm - Nigerian musician jaywon bouced from olamide's concert. | Jump to Blog-Entry

Nigerian singer, Jaywon gets bounced from entering Olamide’s #OLIC 5 concert
Olamide’s highly anticipated #OLIC 5 concert may have ended successfully with delighting performances by the YBNL boss and other singers who performed at the show. But it wasn’t quite great for Jaywon who wasn’t let into the arena.
As revealed by Jaywon himself, he was bounced from entering the arena, as bouncers did not consider him worthy of being a part of the audience at the show. From Jaywon’s post, it seems like he was bounced for no particular reason. He made it look like it’s one of those things that happen at certain concerts. He even said he feels good. He said:
“Just got bounced from Olamide’s OLIC 5 and I must say it feels good to be bounced from entering an event for the first time. Lol. God bless you my bro @olamide_YBNL. Good luck tonight.” But a certain fan thinks otherwise. According to the fan, Olamide and Jaywon are both from Bariga and Bariga guys don’t do that to each other. The fan wrote:
“Maybe @jaywonjuwonlo is not in good terms with @baddosneh. We are from Bariga. We do not treat people like that unless dem don fuck up.” Thus far, Badoo hasn’t said anything about it. Could they be having issues or something???

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Sun Dec 30, 2018 6:27 pm - Brain Teaser Questions That Can Actually Make You Run Mad. | Jump to Blog-Entry

Q1: How many seconds do you have in a year?
Ans: 12 seconds – January 2, February 2, March 2, etc…
Q2: If 5 peacocks lay 10 eggs in 2 days, then how many peacocks will lay 100 eggs in 24 days?
Ans: No peacock lays eggs, only peahen lays
Q3: How many oranges can you put into an empty container?
Ans: Only one orange – If you put one orange, it won’t be an empty container.
Q4: When you add two letters, the five letter word becomes shorter. What is it?
Ans: Short
Q5: You are running in a 5000-meter marathon race and you overcame the person in the second place. At what place you are?
Ans: Second Place
Q6: What is the reason that it is considered illegal to bury a man living in North America in South America?
Ans: It is illegal to bury a man alive when he is living
Q7:If 5 men take around 3 hours to dig 3 holes, how long will it take for 2 men to dig half a hole?
Ans: There is nothing called a half hole and it cannot be dug!
Q8: Two girls played and completed 5 games of chess. Each of them won the same number of games and there wasn’t any tie in any game. How did it happen?
Ans: The two girls weren’t playing against each other and they played with different competitors
Q9: A farmer had 20 cows. Due to contagious disease, suddenly all but 11 cows died suddenly. How many cows does he now have?
Ans: 11 cows – ALL but 11 cows died – 11 cows survived
Q10: You can see a beautiful red house on your left and a mesmeric greenhouse on your right, a warming and attractive pink house on your front. Then where is the white house?
Ans: White House is in the United States

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Sun Dec 30, 2018 6:12 pm | jump to post

And are withdrawals still up for this month?
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Sun Dec 30, 2018 6:08 pm | jump to post

Can i add you on fb?


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